You have to try our soft, delicious marshmallows, one of the true passions of our chocolatier. It shouldn't be a surprise, after all, marshmallows are a great American invention. They bring us back to the innocence of youth, sitting around a campfire, making 'smores. Marshmallows were invented in the early 1900s, when candy-makers began replacing the gum from the marshmallow plant root with gelatin. Our marshmallows are nothing like the dry puffs of sugar you get in the bags. It's something more akin to biting into a cloud of joy, if that were possible.

We make them using flavors like real vanilla, sour cherry, orange blossom... and plenty of others. Sometimes we even enrobe them in dark chocolate. You might not want to use these for making 'smores, but they make a great treat with a cup of hot chocolate or whenever you need a gentle escape.

Our gelatin does not come from pork or beef sources, however, they are not suitable for vegetarians or vegans.



sugars, gelatin, fruit purée (depending on the flavor), flavors (natural and bio whenever possible) and food coloring



Sachets of 8 pieces with a weight of 110g to 120g



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